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about me

After the loss of my son Justin in 2004, I recognized the importance of community and supporting women who have gone through similar experiences. This realization ignited a passion in me to empower, collaborate with and support other women, leading to positive change.

Jacquie ooh is a community that helps women understand that their journey is unique, and encourages them to trust the process, thrive where they are and appreciate the importance of timing. We have created a warm, welcoming and uplifting community where women can feel comfortable and confident in their own skin. Our community is made up of purpose-driven women who share our values and are committed to supporting each other through struggles and triumphs alike. My aim is for visitors to leave the site feeling inspired, empowered and enlightened. 

In addition to creating Jacquie ooh, I am also a wife, a mother of four, and a grandmother (or G'mi) to an amazing little boy. I am the creator of the Glow Collection, an organic, eco-friendly line of skincare products. I am also a contributing writer for Ujima Magazine and a Precinct Chair for my county. As an inspirational speaker and world traveler, I am dedicated to helping women in any way I can. How can I assist you today?


Things I'm Thankful For

Every Experience
Passion for health
Every Challenge
Sharing my journey

Fun Facts

I have a strong affinity for spaghetti and could eat it every day.


The smell of new tires is something I genuinely enjoy.


Journaling is a beloved activity of mine.


Reading is a passion of mine, and my favorite book is the Bible.

One of my top movie picks is "The Temptations."


I've had the opportunity to live and work in the Middle East.


I once rode an elephant in the jungle.


Though I don't have a green thumb, I still love plants - I only have two live ones in my home!

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