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ART? LIFE? The Connection

Art is genuinely a gift to the world. It’s a human experience that most crave. It’s something that we should all crave. Art gives meaning to our lives and helps us understand our world. Art to me is like reading a great book! It is an essential part of our culture because it allows us to have a deeper understanding of our emotions; it increases our self-awareness and allows us to be open to new ideas and experiences. Art therefore continues to open our minds and our hearts and shows us what could be possible in our world.

Scientific studies have proven that art appreciation improves our quality of life and makes us feel good. When we create art, we elevate our mood, we improve our ability to problem solve, and open our minds to new ideas. Art allows us to see further possible solutions to creative problems.

The art connection…

Art can transform our lives. When we connect with art, we are ultimately connecting with our inner selves. Art enables us to look within and to listen to ourselves, realize who we are, and what we care about. It connects us to our thoughts, feelings, perceptions, and our outer realities and experiences.

Studies have shown that it is essential to surround ourselves with art created by others. Art introduces us to a whole new set of experiences and ideas that we may have never witnessed before. These experiences allow us to look within because as people, we decide what we’re seeing and feeling based on the emotional connection that we have with that work of art. As people, we tend to make emotional choices that are passionate to us, which allows us to realize what we care about and what we stand for. When we are aware of this, we tend to be happier and healthier as individuals because we are able to figure out our purpose in life.

Appreciation for what we have…

When we give ourselves the opportunities to connect with art, we are able to take a step back, reflect on what's going on in our world, evaluate our lives and reflect. That is why I believe it is so important to gift yourself with opportunities to incorporate art into your life daily. This could be through visiting an artist's studio, a museum, seeing a live show, watching a movie, or even reading a great book.

Here are some resources and places to visit if you live in Austin, TX or planning to visit Austin, TX to help you incorporate art into your lives.

Devotional Journal and Books to Read

  • Glow Through It: 21 Day Devotional Journal for Women by Jacqueline Johnson Purchase Amazon or download a digital copy from our website Jacquie ooh

  • I Am Because We Are: An African Mother’s Fight for the Soul of a Nation by Chidiogo Akunyili-Parr Purchase Amazon

  • Purposeful Perspectives: Empowering Black Women Towards Spiritual Alignment, Self-Mastery & Joy by Nichomi Higgins Purchase Amazon

Places to Visit

The UMLAUF Sculpture Garden + Museum

605 Azie Morton Road

Austin, Texas 78704 |

Mexic-Arte’s Museum

419 Congress Ave

Austin, Texas 78701 |

SIX SQUARE: Austin’s Black Cultural District |

Art for the People Gallery

1711 S. 1st Street

Women & Their Work

1311 E Cesar Chavez Street

Austin, Texas 78702 |

Jacquie ooh Lifestyle Blog, Jacquie Johnson

Jacquie Johnson is a native Texan who resides in Denton, TX with her husband and two daughters. She has two older sons who reside in California, and one grandson. Jacquie is the founder of Jacquie ooh an online resource hub for women helping them to live healthy and peaceful lives. She is the creator of the Glow Collection by Jacquie ooh, an organic skincare line. Jacquie is heavily involved in her community where she is a newly appointed precinct chair for the Democrats of Denton County. She is also a new author to two books: Glow Through It 21 Day Devotional Journal for Women and Dare to Sparkle Entrepreneur Startup Guide+Dream Big 4 Day Devotional.

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