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I Feel A Change

There is power in the spring. When I think of the spring, I think of new beginnings in nature and in my own personal life. I think of new opportunities sprouting up and blooming. Spring is also a great reminder that there’s always time to start fresh. During the dark winter months, it can feel like the light of summer may never return. But spring offers a bright bridge between the quiet of winter and the busy fun of summer sunshine. The energy of spring can help remind us that we can always start again on our goals, plans, and dreams.

As we know, life moves quickly, but spring reminds us that sometimes, incredible change moves at a slow pace. It’s a process.

Look at a small, green bud on a cherry tree; that bud maybe small now however it will soon grow into the beautiful tree, full of lush leaves. It must be watered, nurtured, and cared for to grow. We must be patient, and persistent in our efforts in taking care of the budding tree. We must trust the process. When we look at this tree and compare it to our own lives what lesson can spring teach us?

The lesson I’ve learned from the spring is that life sometimes feels long, hard, dark, and grey. During those times I feel tired and frustrated. However, I must hang in there, why? Because the seasons change. Long, dark nights turn to lighter, longer days, the rains pass, and flowers bloom. Acceptance of hardship and challenges paired with a confident hope that warmer, brighter days are ahead can give us the courage to persist through the grey and work toward a brighter season ahead.

Spring breathes new life into us. It cleanses our spirit and our hearts. There is the urge to make plans and start new projects. We feel a renewal of our own energies emerging. This is the time when we are called to flourish just like the blossoms on the cherry trees. There is an assurance that blessings are coming.

Spring is a time for renewal of the earth and a renewal of ourselves. Ask yourself these questions…

1. What are my plans for spring? Will I plant flowers or vegetables in my garden? Will I install a birdhouse or clean out the shed?

2. Is there a newness within myself? Am I inspired to write a book or redecorate the guest room? Start a business? Travel? Step out of my comfort zone?

3. How does the beauty of spring make me feel? Do I feel lighter or happier? Am I ready for a walk outside?

Spring is also a great time to make a new gratitude list in your journal. There is so much to be thankful for as we witness the coming of spring and the promise of new beginnings. Take time to recognize the beauty around you and list all the things that make you grateful to be alive.

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

I am thankful for the tulips and the baby birds.

I am thankful for the rain and the sunshine.

I am thankful to have time to spend outside.

I am thankful for fresh air and clean water to drink.

I am thankful for my freedom.

I am thankful for food on my table.


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