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It's All About the Culture

“Me, A Black Woman! I’m Proud!”

To be a black woman to me means you’re confident in the skin you were born in and never feel like you’re not capable of the same opportunities as someone else. Not to ever second guess yourself, and to never let yourself wish your melanin away! Even though history and society have always worked against us in many ways, it’s important to work hard and break through boundaries and stereotypes give us something to be proud of. Speaking of being proud, I am so grateful that I was afforded the opportunity to experience the first Black First Lady of the United States, the first Black Vice President of the United States and most recently the first Black woman, Maya Angelou to grace our currency. What an honor it is to be a Black woman and for my daughters to be Black young women!

As I think about my travels around the world as a child and adult, I think about the opportunities I was afforded to learn about other cultures. This brought an awareness that was truly eye opening. Even though I enjoyed learning about other cultures, I was always drawn back to my own culture. Looking at it as almost a responsibility, I am proud to be a black woman because it does not only mean I have to celebrate my own culture, but others' as well, especially in times of oppression. We all may be different, but it is the fact that we as human beings have the free will and intellect to celebrate each other’s differences that makes our world so special. As a black woman, I can teach others about my culture just as much as I can learn about another's. That's the beauty of it all. If we expand upon our community, we expand upon our knowledge and success. For that, I am so grateful and proud.

Now don’t get me wrong, we have had many obstacles as Black women, however we have also overcome many obstacles. I am very optimistic about our future. If we continue to work together, support one another, and walk in our purpose there is no stopping us! When we work together, we ALL WIN!

Me, yes ME! I am proud to be a Black woman!


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