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That's When it all Began!

I don't know about you but I am so over this pandemic. It has halted so much in our lives. As I think of the losses, I also think of the opportunities this time has brought. This pandemic has shown us in so many ways who we are and our resilience. It has challenged us. Things that we said we would never do or things that we thought were impossible pushed us to do just the opposite. We have launched out into the deep and have done things we never thought we would do.

We have been forced to deeply consider everything. Nothing is taken for granted. That means we can finally find the will to create great change. A crisis like this can shift the options that we are willing to collectively take seriously. What do I mean by that? Remember the last time you had a great idea and someone said, “that’s impossible.” Working remotely? Virtual church? Virtual markets? Starting a business? Seems possible now, right? Creating new solutions to intractable social problems, which nobody took seriously until COVID-19. Seems possible now! How crazy is that? Everything has changed. Look at us, we're doing things we never thought we would do. This virus has scrambled the way we live and work, and created all sorts of new marketplaces. We’ve entered a world where virtual doctor visits are a breeze, spending more time with family has been a huge plus for many, working from home has been bonuses for most, and startup businesses have sprung up everywhere and thriving. Once the virus is contained, we’re not going to want to go back. So what’s an entrepreneur to do? Here’s my advice: If a law has changed and you see an opportunity because of it, go create new and tremendous value for people. Make them love you! Make them never want to see you go! That way, you might just be the first to a brand-new market opportunity—and the reason it stays. The world will be transformed. We can either lead that transformation, or wait until it comes for us.  Either way, we’re going to look back at this moment one day and think, “Wow. That’s when it all began.”

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