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Our premier Beard Oil is crafted to provide the ultimate care for your facial hair while promoting a healthier, softer, and more manageable beard. Made with a blend of natural and nourishing oils, this beard oil is designed to hydrate the skin beneath your beard, reducing itchiness and irritation while taming unruly hair.


Formulated with precision, our beard oil contains a curated mix of essential oils such as jojoba, and avocado oil, renowned for their moisturizing and conditioning properties. Not only does it promote a luscious beard, but it also helps in preventing split ends and promoting overall beard health.


But that's not all - pair this exceptional beard oil with our amazing Calming Butter for an added touch of relaxation and tranquility after a taxing day. Enriched with soothing ingredients like shea butter, lavender, and arnica oil, our Calming Butter is a luxurious treat for your skin and senses.


Indulge in a moment of serenity as the calming butter melts into your skin, releasing its aromatic blend that helps you unwind and destress. The gentle, non-greasy formula absorbs quickly, leaving your skin feeling nourished and rejuvenated.


Whether you're looking to maintain a well-groomed beard or seeking a way to unwind and relax, our Beard Oil and Calming Butter combo is the perfect duo for the modern man. Elevate your grooming routine and embrace a moment of tranquility at the end of a long day's work with our exceptional products.

Man, ooh Man Bundle

  • Beard Oil Ingredients: jojoba oil, sesame oil, rosemary extract, Vitamin E, vegetable glyercin, avocado oil, lavender oil, lemon essential oil, rosehip oil. Certified Organic Ingredients. 2oz.

    Calming Butter Ingredients: Ingredients: shea butter, vitamin E, lavendar oil, marjoram oil, arnica oil, helichrysum oil, peppermint essential oil, black pepper, rosemary oil.Certified Organic Ingredients. 4 oz.

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